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The Migrants Must Be Turned Back


Mar 14, 2018
So now it is hundreds, soon to be thousands of migrants from Central America are at our border. Many after weeks of the harrowing experience of coming across Mexico to our southern border are returning home. Lied to by the groups involved in organizing the caravan such as Pueblo sin Fronteras, CARA, the Family Detention Pro Bono Project and the Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services and the American Immigrant Lawyers Association(AILA), all George Soros organizations funded by the Open Society Foundation, lied about the possibility of entering the United States to these migrants . Becoming the self government of the migrants, and working to earn the trust of the people within the caravan, organizers such as Milton Benitez who is a Honduran activist and Television personality told the crowd that it is their right to cross the border by any means necessary, a mission that the organizers understand will end in violence. They blame the United States for the condition of the country they come from, even going so far as demanding the United States take responsibility for the socialist governments prevalent through Central America. There are other support groups funded by the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation.

Pueblo sin Fronteras works with the migrants and insist that they push forward to the United States and refuse offers of asylum made by the Mexican government. Univision has exposed that the organizers are the far left remains of the gangs that worked as “shock troops” from the Venezuela of the Chaves socialist agenda. About 3500 caravan members have accepted the offer of asylum from Mexico complete with temporary work permits, medical care, and national ID cards.

It is the Spanish speaking press that is exposing the far leftist ideology to the world as the mainstream media in this country ignore everything but the pearl-clutching pictures of women and children being photographed in all the pain they can muster. It is not mentioned that these same women and children are being forced to the forefront of the violence. The American press claims this was just a spontaneous uprising of women and children and the only issue that matters is how soon they can enter the United States and start claiming the benefits so willingly offered by the progressive socialists and forced to be paid by the American taxpayer.

The leftist organizers also inform these economic migrants on what to say to claim asylum for other than economic reasons. The offer from Mexico has not spread far, and those migrants who do hear of the offer of Mexican asylum have been told by the leftists who organized the caravan that it is just a “rumor”. This assists the smugglers and human traffickers waiting at the border for the caravan to appear. The migrants who continue to push forth to the American border believe that the massive numbers of migrants will overwhelm the border and with the assistance of the progressive socialists and media will change laws and regulations to force their way into the country.

One such migrant from Honduras, a 29-year-old woman named Nancy Cruz, explained that it would be an injustice for the United States not to let her in after such a long journey. She knows of the troops and law enforcement waiting at the border but feels that entering the country is a right that is hers because that is what she has been told.

And with the assistance of progressive socialist Democrats such as Oregon Governor Kate Brown has dictated that the Oregon National Guard will not be of any assistance at the border after a campaign contribution from George Soros.

Or the claim from a Senator who is a member of the Defense Appropriations Committee, Brian Schatz, that the use of tear gas at the border is not consistent with the Conventions of Chemical Weapons. Executive Order 11850 allows the use of such nonlethal means to control riots and incidences such as these where military and law enforcement are under duress. What the progressive socialist continue to proclaim throughout the media and which CNN, MSNBC and the other mainstream media will talk about 24 hours a day is nothing more than another push against the laws of our country and further degradation of the American culture. They will not discuss the rock throwing or the mass of immigrants attempting to force their way across our border because it does not fit the “Donald Trump is Hitler” agenda they have so assiduously laid out for the followers of their Marxist agenda. Where was all this concern when Obama did this very same thing many times over numerous years? And how can you explain the progressive socialists demanding that the United Nations patrol our borders? After the fine job they have done in Africa, why should we be willing to put our sovereignty in the hands of such globalists? The Congress must be held responsible for not making the long-range and important changes to our immigration laws. “Catch and Release” has been shown to be a disaster, with the vast majority of those released into the American interior never appearing for the court dates they have been given for their asylum hearing.

Alex Mensing who leads Pueblo sin Frontera, who self-identifies to the media as a paralegal at the University of San Francisco Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic is also a member of the National Day Laborer Network and affiliated with the United for Justice and Peace organization, a far left organization who works for the socialist government of Honduras. Organizations such as these show a deep affinity between leftist activism and corporate sponsorship. One of the chief protagonists for open borders in print format is Mother Jones who has received millions through the Foundation for National Progress, another Soros funded entity.

March 23, 2018, brought a press release from Pueblo sin Fronteras speaking for the “caravan”, that the goal is to effectively abolish borders which shows that they are in full acceptance of the lurid ideology of the leftist globalists like George Soros that continue to work towards the One World Government that they wish. It is Soros, who once again is doing his best to bring our system of culture, government, and the inherent belief the American people have in the rule of law, crashing down.

Many of the migrants themselves are under no illusion that the long journey that they have undertaken will result in an asylum. They freely explain they are not asylum seekers but are instead economic migrants looking for the employment or benefits that are available here in the United States.

The establishment media has found what they deliver as an emotional appeal to the American populace. They show pictures of women and children running from the tears gas that has been used since the Obama administration to disperse such crowds and do not explain that the organizers place the women and children in the front of the group explicitly for the photo-op it gives the media. The Soros funded groups that organized the caravan have told the migrants that once the mass of people congregating on the border reaches critical mass they will then simply march “en masse” to the border in an attempt to overrun our defenses and see what Trump will do.

This will not end well. The mainstream media, the progressive socialist and the organizers from Soros funded foundations are attempting to convince the low information voter that those whose job it is to protect our borders are criminals. It is up to the American people to show solidarity with those who stand in the way of anarchy on our southern border. As Kirstjen Nielson, in charge of DHS has stated

“DHS will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety. We will also seek to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our frontline operators or violates our national sovereignty.

Nothing more needs to be said. These migrants cannot enter our country and should be turned back now.