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  1. JVelisek

    The Migrants Must Be Turned Back

    So now it is hundreds, soon to be thousands of migrants from Central America are at our border. Many after weeks of the harrowing experience of coming across Mexico to our southern border are returning home. Lied to by the groups involved in organizing the caravan such as Pueblo sin Fronteras...
  2. TNN

    Leaked Documents Prove Soros’s Open Society Is Working with UN in Supporting Current Illegal Migrant Crisis

  3. JPConservative

    Did Soros Hijack The ACLU?

  4. JVelisek

    Democrats and Illegal Immigrants Work to Destroy our Country

    The progressive leftist wing of the Democrat Party has spent the time since President Trump's inauguration embracing the like of the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement. Working in concert with such elements as George Soros, a man whose only goal is the destroy the United States and...
  5. JVelisek

    The Deep State Swamp Will Be Held Accountable.

    It is now a foregone conclusion that the liberals of the late 50’s have turned their back on America and have become progressive socialists. They have every intention of pushing the fascist tendencies that they have turned to in order to turn our country into a police state that is the...