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Recent content by Sheila

  1. Sheila

    Trump Makes History By Adding Seats to GOP Senate Majority in His First Midterm Election

    Mississippi is still up for Grabs — Nov 27th Special Election Hyde-Smith vs Epsy. We need to get woman GOP hyde-Smith in office. AZ is still not reported!
  2. Sheila

    Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression

    Wow, this site is dead, I am very disappointed. I hope everyone is out WORKING for GOP Candidates and are too busy getting on here. Khashoogi is nothing more than a fake news provocation for Trump to CUT off Saudis. Where was MSM when James Foley, Reporter, US Born from Stoneham, MA USA...
  3. Sheila

    Migrant Caravan Increases to 7,000, Trump Responds by Alerting Border Patrol

    That can grow easily to 10, 000 - 15, 000. — this is An INVASION of illegals who come her from Honduras MURDER Capital of the world. Loaded with gangs, criminals, diseases — this is deadly assault on our American citizens Let these in, next week more — it is NEVER-ENDING THEY WILL OWN THIS...
  4. Sheila

    Pelosi ‘Pretty Comfortable’ She’ll Be House Speaker As She Says ‘I Am A Great Legislator’

    Pelosi is a stupid moron, dangerous to this country, I think she is actually mentally incompetent
  5. Sheila

    Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression

    Fake news is pushing Trump to act against Saudis, where was MSM When JAMES FOLEY was beheaded and Obama played golf immediately after internet beheading? Where was MSM on BENGHAZI! This guy is big shot in Muslim Brotherhood, why is left MSM so upset about him?
  6. Sheila

    Migrant Caravan Approaches US Border For Midterms, Trump Makes Them Regret It

    Sorry, the caravans again and again all over again — getting bigger BUILD the wall
  7. Sheila

    Migrant Caravan Approaches US Border For Midterms, Trump Makes Them Regret It

    Trump is being baited by fake news. This guy is big-time Muslim brotherhood leader. Fake news only reports this story to provoke Trump, they want him blaming Saudis. Iran maybe behind a lot of this. WHERE IS EVIDENCE? There’s NONE that’s viable! why murder him in embassy? We need viable...
  8. Sheila

    Elizabeth Warren Demands President Donald Trump Donate $1 Million to Charity After DNA Test

    Warren is a BIG PHONEY JOKE. I hope she loses Senate race in MA
  9. Sheila

    President Trump and Nikki Haley 2020

    I could not agree more Diane, Nikki needs rest and spend time w/her children and family. I don’t think Trump will run again and Pence is not POTUS material. Even FAKE CNN / MSNBC see Nikki as big challenge. She is GOP Guarantee to win. FAKE news giving fake speculations— stupid — this time —...
  10. Sheila

    Christine Blasey Ford Indicates She Doesn’t Want to Fly to Testify

    Well, it’s on again - WED or Thursday —— I watched Anita Hill, Ted Kennedy’s nephew the doctor accused of rape and OJ trial. BEST TV EVER, you cannot beat Real Reality Government Intrigue Cases- They TOP it ALL!
  11. Sheila

    The Sliming of Kavanaugh: Alinsky Would Be Proud

    So true, Trump will weed out the bad people after MidTerms. I believe he fully knows the traitors! He has to PROVE these life-long bureaucrats as committing treason, crimes, etc. using memos internally to substantiate their wrong doings and put them under Oath - TAKE them down Legally. Right...
  12. Sheila

    BREAKING: Senate Republicans Make Counteroffer to Christine Blasey Ford With Friday Deadline

    Whatever, this Ford woman must be heard. I don't care about postponement- it’s life-time position. Kavanaugh will have cloud over his head. She needs to speak, be heard and all must tell their stories under Oath. I think a Senate Hearing giving both parties their time to share will be the key...
  13. Sheila

    Young Christine Blasey Ford remembered as popular figure in Dewey Beach bar scene in 1980s

    this article gives me another, different perspective of Ford, it is far more flattering, benefits her and helps her credibility. We all Need to hear her sid of incident e.g. Talking before Senate. I hope she does this soon.
  14. Sheila

    The Sliming of Kavanaugh: Alinsky Would Be Proud

    did you see he crowds in Vegas last night? Big auditoriums always full, long lines Trump draws massive crowds who love him. Obama can't fill a room and Hillery can't fill a hallway. Look at politeness of crowds compared to crazies showing up as democrats in hearings. Night and day comparison
  15. Sheila

    Don’t ‘Believe Women.’ Believe Evidence.

    I think Kavanaugh looks better than her, but far left are on war path stampede to promote her as a REAL victim of Kavanaugh. These dem senators are crazy too, Sheldon Whitehouse, dem, RI is over-the-top unhinged demanding FBI to investigate her charges of molestation. These dems want an FBI...