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Un-Woke Award, Harvard Republicans Stand Against The Liberal Tide

Jul 30, 2020

Harvard University has become the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984, where the truth is actually propaganda and untruth. Joseph Goebbels would recognize and appreciate the use of language employed in Harvard’s student paper, The Harvard Crimson, that stridently claims, “Supporting Donald Trump is the same as supporting white supremacy.” In 2016, the Harvard Crimson stated Trump has “flirtations with fascism” – a claim they still support. Imagine being a parent who paid tens of thousands of dollars to send their ostensibly intelligent little Johnny or Janey off to a highly respected school such as Harvard, or any of the Ivy League schools for that matter, only to have their minds beaten into submission with dubious democrat party and media talking points that defy objective reality? The great irony of Harvard University, and many others in the hyper-politicized college landscape, is that diversity of thought is supposed to be the foundation upon which the edifice of greater understanding is built.

One group at Harvard is looking directly in the eye of the fanatical Harvard Crimson and saying, “no.” This group is the Harvard Republicans, who are weathering a maelstrom of slurs, insults, and ire from their professors for endorsing Donald Trump for president in 2020. The Harvard Republicans is a small but brave contingent existing on a university Serengeti comprised primarily of vociferous, liberal jackals and hyenas patrolling the watering hole of ideas and attacking anyone who drinks out of turn.

The Harvard Republicans spoke out in support of President Trump:

“Our conservative and Republican convictions compel us to endorse candidates that will fight for an enduring moral order, protect America’s traditions, and prize careful prudence in all decisions for the betterment of Americans.”

Their praise for Trump included decimating ISIS, his policies that stimulated the economy and reduced unemployment rates across the board, and for supporting the Second Amendment, among other accomplishments.

We should all applaud the valor exhibited by The Harvard Republicans in the face of liberal university hostility. These students could simply remain quiet and have a more peaceful college experience, but they have taken the road less traveled and stand against the storm of leftist campus tyranny. For this, they are the recipients of this week’s Unwoke Award. Congratulations, Harvard Republicans.

RWR original article syndication source.