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jerry brown

  1. TNN

    Moonbeam Brown Blames Fires On Climate Change

    "True to form Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown has laid another cracked egg ..." https://ipatriot.com/moonbeam-brown-blames-fires-on-climate-change/
  2. JVelisek

    » The Progressive Socialist State of California Part 3

    In parts one and two (links following) I described how the state of California has suffered under the tyrannical rule of one-party rule. Progressive socialists have commandeered the state government, and ruled by fiat from a Marxist Governor and legislature. I want to discuss now the nuts and...
  3. JVelisek

    The Progressive Socialist State of California Pt 2

    A supermajority of Progressive socialist Democrats in the legislature of California has led the citizens of the State to higher state taxes, high fuel taxes, higher cost of living faulty schools prohibitive health care for many and have succeeded in becoming one of the most unlivable states...