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Recent content by TPcat78

  1. TPcat78

    Alabama Church Attendees Turn Their Back On Tyrant Wannabee Bloomberg

    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/mike-bloomberg-attends-black-church-in-alabama-attendees-stand-and-turn-their-back-on-him-video/ You can't buy everyone, Mike Blooming-Idiot.
  2. TPcat78

    Nick Sandmann's Attorneys Announce Plans to Sue Five More Media Outlets Including ABC and CBS

    *Note. I can't share any texts or photos directly from the story from the gateway pundit on this computer at the moment. (it's a wireless computer without any Ad Blockers.. and attempting to click on any Home Page articles from there absolutely kills it). Here's the link if you want to read...
  3. TPcat78

    Most Deadly Pestilence in History Lashed the Face of America a Hundred Years Ago!

    Yup. A few articles since Saturday alone on muzzscum. I haven't looked around any other site (nor been anywhere much) to see if there are any more links or stories.. but pretty much assume they're making things difficult as normal...
  4. TPcat78

    Jimmy Kimmel joins chorus of liberals mocking Mike Pence: ‘What is his plan to stop the [coronavirus], abstinence?’

    Garbage "comedians", garbage network, garbage 'hosts'. All trash from media.
  5. TPcat78

    WATCH: ‘Take a pill and keep quiet’ – Joy Behar mocks Rush Limbaugh’s former addiction to pain meds

    Joyless Behar That scumbag old witch should've been blacklisted / banned from appearing on any of media a few years ago. She's low class as usual.
  6. TPcat78

    AOC Apparently Thinks Bloomberg Is Worse Than Trump

    A small, very small glimmer of almost truth from that shithead. Every once in a blue moon Cortez will show a tiny quick moment of something we could agree with.. (then immediately shove her shoes back in her mouth for next 11 months).
  7. TPcat78

    Trump 'strongly' considering serious action at US-Mexico border to stop spread of coronavirus

    As it SHOULD Be shut down!! Read about this mess that happened, posted over on military veterans of disqus. The usual bumbling idiot judges and libtards make things worse...
  8. TPcat78

    WATCH: Reporter gets schooled by doctor who she falsely claims is ‘muzzled’ by Trump admin over coronavirus

    She was being the typical blabbermouth as with the rest of those loser demoscum reporters..
  9. TPcat78

    ‘GREAT JOB’: Trump Declassifies Picture Of Dog Involved In Capturing And Killing Leader Of ISIS

    Most everyone by now has heard/read about the brave heroic doggie. But for those who haven't and you missed it.. here we go. :cool: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/great-job-trump-declassified-picture-of-dog-involved-in-capturing-and-killing-leader-of-isis/ by Eric A. Blair October...
  10. TPcat78

    IRS Employee Gets Jail Time for Tax Evasion: How’s That for Irony?

    Holy cow!! You mean some crooked government official worker actually gets punished …. for breaking a →law??!!! That's almost unheard of! Now to go after the pesky big guys and gals higher ups in deep state government,.. instead of these lower-tier flunkies.
  11. TPcat78

    Media’s Response to ISIS Leader’s Death: Trump Was Too Mean

    Proved once again, as the Rooster crows in the morning.. our media IS the enemy of our nation, and we the people.
  12. TPcat78

    WINNING! President Trump Announces Death of Another ISIS Leader Who Would Have Replaced Baghdadi

    Yes sir, Ladies and Gents. He Doneit again!!!! Hats off to our servicemen and service women!!! Thank you President Trump!!
  13. TPcat78

    WINNING! President Trump Announces Death of Another ISIS Leader Who Would Have Replaced Baghdadi

    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/winning-president-trump-announces-death-of-another-isis-leader-who-would-have-replaced-Baghdadi/ by Cristina Laila October 29, 2019 President Trump on Tuesday announced the death of a second ISIS leader who would have replaced Baghdadi. The United...
  14. TPcat78

    U.S. Coast Guard announces seizure of 19 tons of illegal drugs worth in international waters.

    https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2019/10/29/u-s-coast-guard-seizes-375-million-worth-illegal-drugs/ by Amy Furr 29 Oct 2019 The U.S. Coast Guard announced that it seized 19 tons of illegal drugs worth millions in international waters recently. “The Coast Guard Cutter James (WMSL-754) crew is...