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Recent content by jay

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    5G Health Concerns? Top 10 Claims

    5G is set to vastly improve the speed and efficiency of wireless data. However, many fear that there may be health related consequences to using the technology. The 5G opposition says thousands or even tens of thousands of studies show dangers, but do they? Here’s what we found… 5G Explains Why...
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    How Many Steps to Fire a Gun?

    Firing a gun isn’t something you should take lightly. There are some rules you should abide by, in order to increase your safety and the safety of those around you. You should not overlook the importance of fire safety if you decide to purchase a gun. Responsible gun ownership and usage means...
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    How You Can Read a Person by Choice of His Gun

    A gun says a lot about the person that is holding it. If you see a person holding a Hello Kitty patterned gun, you won’t think that they have the same personality of someone holding a mean rifle. However, if you meet a gun owner that you have never seen before, chances are that you will learn a...
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    The Pros and Cons of Combination Weapons

    From time immemorial, weapons have been mankind’s companion. At first, it was sharp rock that was used back in the days as weapon. Overtime, more powerful weapons for both hunting and combat were created. Eventually, even more sophisticated weapons came into existence and some of them became...
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    China vs. America: Whose Armament Is More Powerful?

    Exactly! We think we are unbeatable, but the truth is the other way around. And believe more we talk about it, more we will know
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    China vs. America: Whose Armament Is More Powerful?

    According to a recent article published in the New York Times, the Chinese Navy possesses more ships than the United States Navy. Of course, this had led to a lot of debate on this topic, and people are wondering whether China is more powerful than America. But is this assumption true or not...
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    Trump and Japan: A Historic Military Meeting

    Towards the end of May 2019, Donald Trump had become the first foreign leader to meet the new Emperor of Japan, Naruhito. He was greeted by the emperor, as well as by Empress Masako, during his visit to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Even if this statement seems to be the topic of many other...
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    Man accused of threatening to kill President Trump and others faces up to 140 years in prison

    How real is it that he can face 40 years for threatening?
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    Gun Manufacturing: Is the U.S. Still the World Leader?

    There are two big powers that people think about when it comes to gun control: America and Russia. Still, while Russia is fairly impressive, America always seemed to have the upper hand in this scenario. America loves guns – and this is known all around the world. In 2015, more than half of the...
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    Making a Precise Shot and Forgotten History

    Shooting a gun is no child’s play, that’s a fact. Once you have a gun in your hands, you know that you should be very careful and responsible with it. As such, when you need to fire it at the target, the shot needs to be precise and hit it, thus not endangering anything nearby. That being said...
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    English Law and How It Inspired the American Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment – the one that states that the right of people to bear arms should not be infringed. At this point, pretty much everyone can get their hold on a gun – provided they have reached the legal age, haven’t killed anyone, or do not have a history in mental breakdowns. Therefore...
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    The Development of America’s Armed Society

    Here are my thoughts on this. Hope you like it. Please tell me your thoughts. When it comes to guns, America is a leader – and they are not afraid to hide it. Let alone the fact that every shooter movie is placed in America, real people are also gun owners in there. American citizens own about...