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Making a Precise Shot and Forgotten History


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Nov 20, 2018
Shooting a gun is no child’s play, that’s a fact. Once you have a gun in your hands, you know that you should be very careful and responsible with it. As such, when you need to fire it at the target, the shot needs to be precise and hit it, thus not endangering anything nearby.
That being said, you need to know the rules when it comes to proper shooting, so you’re not putting yourself or someone else in danger. There are certain things to pay attention to before you pull the trigger, and they will be presented in the paragraphs below. Moreover, you will read about some forgotten guns that are still reliable to this day.
How Do You Shoot Accurately?
Proper Stance

When you hold a gun, it’s only normal that you can’t fire it if you sit as you would on the couch, on a lazy evening. There are actually some rules that you need to respect, and stances that allow you to shoot the gun without any risk or failure.
What you need to know first is that precisely firing the pistol starts at the feet and that there are three common stances you can choose from. Each stance has a certain level of comfort, and you should choose one depending on your preference, situation, natural firing position and comfort level.
One stance requires you to set the foot of your dominant side back while having your lead foot pointed at the target. The second one requires you to keep your feet evenly at about shoulder width apart. The third would have you bridge the gap between the two. What this means is that you basically have to hold your feet shoulder width apart while you keep your dominant side foot slightly behind the lead foot.
If you’re still trying to learn how to hold and use a gun, it is recommended to try all of the stances so you find the one that works the best for you. Besides, keep in mind that each stance requires you to extend the weapon directly out in front of you.
Good Grip
It’s not only the stance that’s very important, but the grip is just as significant. Having said that, you should never hold your gun in one hand in a lazy way. Both of your hands are important when holding such an important yet dangerous item, so pay special attention to it.
Use your dominant hand and place it on the pistol’s handle, while the trigger finger is extended along the side of the weapon. At the same time, you should keep the non-dominant hand slightly lower, and wrap the handle with it. Make sure you don’t place the non-dominant one on the pistol’s bottom. If you do so, it will stop you from ejecting a spent magazine when you need to quickly reload.
Despite needing a good grip, you must also make sure that you are not squeezing the pistol way too hard. If you notice that your knuckles turn white, it shows it’s time to stop squeezing it and change your grip a little bit.
Good Picture
What you see is important, because the picture you have is one of the factors that contributes to a precise shot. As such, there are some pistol models that already have a front sight tip and rear sight aperture equipped. If you are using such a pistol, then keep in mind that the front sight tip is the small post that sticks up from the end of the barrel of the gun.
Therefore, when you raise the pistol, make sure to focus on the front sight tip to see whether it’s centered on the target or not. It should be centered on it. When it comes to close quarters situations, it is usually enough to engage a target.
You need to make sure that you manage the pistol’s recoil. It is not hard, as it can easily be done by combing a good grip with the right firing stance. Once you’re done firing the weapon, you should quickly regain sight picture and alignment to get rid of the issues caused by recoil.
Following Through
Another thing to keep in mind is to never immediately re-holster the weapon in order to acquire a new target. You should focus on the target even after you release the round instead. It’s something that helps in preventing accidentally sending a round off course by moving before the round has left the barrel.
Forgotten History
Nowadays, technology makes it possible for you to purchase weapons that have special features, allowing you to achieve your goals. Having said that, it’s always great seeing the latest releases in terms of guns, but it seems that some people forget about the older weapons.
Finding something that’s really old yet still good is hard, which is why the 1911 is special. Despite being more than a century old, it’s as reliable as always, and quite popular among its fans. Moreover, it seems like a lot of newer pistols are made with different sizes of 1911 frames, which means it’s highly unlikely that the model will go out of style. Considering it’s still used after more than 100 years, it really means something.
If you’re looking for a handgun to practice your stance, grip and overall skills, a 1911 might be a good acquisition. Besides, you will own a pistol that made history.
Final Thoughts
Guns are not toys, and not shooting precisely might be harmful not only to you but to those around you as well. For that exact reason, you should learn how to properly hold the gun and shoot. It’s not necessarily hard, but you will need some practice before being able to do so. You need to have a proper stance, a good grip and picture, manage the recoil, and follow through with your shots.
Once you practice them enough, you will be able to shoot accurately. Also, if you end up buying a 1911 pistol, you might own n
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