The sort of moonbats who run Hollyweird love abortion, but that isn’t why they aborted Batgirl after blowing $90 million on yet another obnoxiously woke superhero movie:

Warner Bros. has stated that the film will not receive a theatrical release, nor will be made available on HBO Max, the studio’s streaming service.

Here’s why Hollyweird won’t inflict Batgirl on the public:

Tax breaks are precious with greedy Democrats running the government, but creating bombs and then never showing them because there is no audience for unwatchable politically correct garbage is not a winning strategy in the long run for Tinseltown. Someone will come along and make movies that people want to see. Those movies will not be woke.

The leftist entertainment industry passes itself off as our culture. It is not our culture. It is something that has been temporarily imposed on us, like a foreign occupation.

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