Damn Nancy what a waste of good booze.

According to SCSPI, the strike group, consisting of the Ronald Reagan, two other Navy ships and Carrier Air Wing Five, consisting of F/A-18 fighters, helicopters and a surveillance aircraft, may currently be located some 800 kilometers from Taiwan’s south-eastern shores. 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Frank Roosevelt sacrificed the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor to force Americans into fighting a war with Japan no one wanted and desired less a war with Germany and Italy, it is reasonable in this manipulative woke state of bad Mockingbird script, that the reason the USS Ronald Reagan carrier group is being sent to the South China Sea is to create an incident where the Reagan will be sunk by Chinese missiles, and thereby thought to rally the Sean Homo Hannity right into fighting a naval war with China, which is why the DIA helped install Dictator Biden in the first place.

US Carrier Strike Group May Be Heading
Toward Taiwan (Where It Will Be Quickly Sunk)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been making a show of force in Ukraine with Jew Zellinskyy and entered into Taiwan to set up a showdown with the Peking girls who have been all talk and no show.

 The reason Pelosi dropped a turd in Formosa is because US intelligence knew that China was about to engage in war games to intimidate Taiwan. The fact is as Charles R. Smith revealed in one of his bright moments, that the Chinese could not keep track of one US ship which ran right into the middle of a Chinaman operation. While China does possess hypersonic missiles which can fracture US super carriers, their military is a piece of shit compared to Russia.

Russia desires an American Chinese conflagration to lessen pressure in Ukraine. The show if not in Taiwan is maneuvered for Iran to draw China in. In sending in the Ronald Reagan, it is a tawdry bit of manipulation of the “John Thune Apologists” for Dictator Biden to join in this disgusting misuse of George Washington Constitutional LIMITS on any US government.

The chances are the Reagan will sail right into the middle of this, get entangled with the misfits of the Chinaman navy, and events will unfold with the carrier being hit, while the support group stands guard and China does stupid Chinaman things as the duel begins.

I do not expect a wiping out of the Chinaman navy as the Pentagon apologists want the Chinese out in the Pacific to fire upon and not on land. Probably be some bombing some Chinaman islands they built while America seizes Chinaman shipping. That should draw the dragon out for the show, as China has a history sitting on it’s ass, but when it is goaded into coming, they come with everything they have.

Did not inquire. Best logical projection on the data. China must be neutralized from assisting Russia, so China must be occupied and this is how China is going to be occupied.

Another glorious patriotic war, but just as Charles Lindbergh jr was the conscience of America in Frank Roosevelt’s war, others will speak out in using the legacy of Ronald Reagan to start a war for the cartel and the erasure of Americans.

The Reagan is being used as bait in she was sent out with not enough escorts.

My daddy sank Ronnie’s legacy and my man Joe Biden
is going to sink this damn carrier too.

Nuff Said



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