Joe Biden is said to be still somewhat sentient between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., except when he is taking his nap. Peter Doocy made himself even less welcome at the White House yesterday by asking what happens if a nuclear attack occurs outside of that time window.

The response from White House spokes-DEIster Karine Jean-Pierre was both encouraging…

Jean-Pierre … said Jill Biden does not make decisions.

…and alarming:

‘The President is the President of the United States who makes the decision,’ she said.

The U.S. President has sole authority to authorize the use of U.S. nuclear weapon, according to American law.

Back when Biden first took office, the more sensible of his fellow Democrats called on him to relinquish this authority. From February 2021:

Congressional Democrats are at least more sensible than the voters who elected Biden. They know that someone that irresponsible not to mention non compos mentis cannot be trusted with the capacity to launch a nuclear strike. Given Biden’s nasty disposition, he might set off a nuclear war in a disoriented fit of pique.

Politico reports:

Nearly three dozen House Democrats on Monday called on Biden to relinquish his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons…

Let’s hope something came of this. Biden’s mental condition has not improved in the following years, nor has his disposition. Imagine how grouchy and confused he would be if woken to preside over a crisis.

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