No one is more dangerous to you than those who imagine you are a danger to them. That’s what makes cornered animals so ferocious. Democrats are dangerous because they believe that regular Americans who don’t share their abhorrent ideology are dangerous — more dangerous even than the terrorists Joe Biden has armed to the teeth and enabled.

Scott Rasmussen reports:

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Democratic voters believe supporters of Donald Trump are a serious threat to the nation. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 56% of those in President Biden’s party also consider the unvaccinated a serious threat. That’s a higher level of concern than Democrats express about the Taliban (44% see it as a serious threat); China (44%), or Russia (37%).

Thanks to Biden and his handlers, the Taliban and its al Qaeda allies are in a far more menacing position than they were on September 10, 2001. The ChiComs are flexing their muscles as they watch the feckless, compromised fool in the White House flounder. But Democrat voters think the greatest threat to them is people who would like to go back to the booming economy and relatively free country we had before Covid and Biden.

Non-Democrats are less focused on their fellow Americans as threats:

For Republicans, the top concerns are the Taliban (66%), Defund the Police Activists (62%), and China (58%). …

The Taliban is the biggest concern for independent voters (46%) followed by China (45%) and Defund the Police Activists (36%).

For the country as a whole,

Among all voters, 52% see the Taliban as a serious threat and 49% say the same about China. Next on the list, 40% see Defund the Police Activists as a serious threat and 39% see the unvaccinated that way.

That anyone sees the unvaccinated as a threat is a testament to the power of media propaganda. Obviously, if the vaccine works, you don’t need others to take it to be protected, you just need to take it yourself. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter whether others take it.

However, despite aggressive efforts by the Biden Administration/mainstream media to demonize Trump supporters and people who haven’t gotten vaccinated, portraying these groups as the main threats to the country resonates only within the Democrat echo chamber.

This is good news if we have reasonably honest elections next year, but alarming news if Democrats are able to hold onto power.

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