Those committed to stopping babies’ beating hearts don’t mind advancing the leftist agenda by terrorizing the family of a Supreme Court justice. A march by pro-abortion extremists went through Chevy Chase and terminated at Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

As noted at Hot Air, the obvious purpose is intimidation:

If the protesters merely wanted to demonstrate over the decision — certainly a legit form of public engagement — then they could have demonstrated at 1 1st Street NE, where the Supreme Court is located. That would have had plenty of media accessibility and visibility, not to mention making it easier for demonstrators to get to and from the event.

Targeting Kavanaugh’s house for this demonstration is a deliberate escalation. They want Kavanaugh not just to hear them but to fear them. They want to pressure him into either changing his vote under the implicit threat that they know where he lives, or to resign altogether for the same reason.

The complicit media has been suppressing this story. If patriots did this to a leftist justice, the talking heads would be shrieking for martial law.

On a tip from TCS III.

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