Kimber and I just watched the new Dumbo trailer, and we are SO PUMPED.

I watched the movie as a kid. It ripped my heart out, so obviously Disney needs to rip my heart out as an adult too.

Oh. And Tim Burton is behind this one. (I LOVE Tim Burton stuff.)


This March, the beloved tale will take you to new heights. Watch the new trailer for Disney’s #Dumbo. pic.twitter.com/Y3Lft67e0t

— Dumbo (@Dumbo) June 13, 2018

Twitter can’t handle it.

Ahhhh!!! The teaser poster is adorable too!!! #Dumbo pic.twitter.com/s69lsY3i2g

— Patrick Dougall (@PatrickADougall) June 13, 2018

LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS #Dumbo LOOKS !!! AM I SCREAMING LOUD ENOUGH !?!? LOOK !! AT !! THIS !! BABY !! pic.twitter.com/qYeDSfywae

— you don’t know about me (@oh_angiekins) June 13, 2018

The #DUMBO teaser literal got me crying and sent chills throughout my body! I am not ok

— ✭Ricki✭ (@BreeRicki) June 13, 2018

Live-action #Dumbo: because seeing it animated didn’t already traumatize your childhood enough. Disney is coming for your adulthood too!

— Lauren Huff (@_LaurenHuff) June 13, 2018

Disney just randomly drops the brand new teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s DUMBO in the middle of night.

I really did not want to like this but damn it, it crept up under my skin.
I am actually… quite impressed. #Dumbo pic.twitter.com/In19EEiw9K

— Jesabel (@JesabelRaay) June 13, 2018

This tiny elephant is gonna make me cry again. #Dumbo pic.twitter.com/TZD9n3IM8p

— Lorenz. (@PangalawaSaApat) June 13, 2018

So it looks like Tim Burton’s Dumbo live-action remake will recreate the creepy, trippy, alcohol-fuelled ‘Pink Elephants on Parade’ hallucination from the original #Dumbo pic.twitter.com/KbKtqFSwnc

— Digital Spy Film (@digitalspyfilm) June 13, 2018

Confession: The Dumbo trailer gave me goosebumps. As if this movie wasn’t ALREADY dark. #SOEXCITED https://t.co/sOfp9ASXNy

— Ashley “Kimber” D. (@RedIsTheNewPunk) June 13, 2018

Tim Burton + Michael Keaton + Danny DeVito + Eva Green + Colin Farrell. The first #Dumbo trailer is here to dazzle you. Watch it now: https://t.co/6vzgMWPfHu pic.twitter.com/Mt5mQM1scr

— IndieWire (@IndieWire) June 13, 2018

I still haven’t recovered from the original #Dumbo It’s been decades! pic.twitter.com/jcxhoLEkGx

— Janice (@janice2401) June 13, 2018

I wasn’t expecting that #Dumbo teaser, it came out of nowhere with those beautiful eyes, that amazing score and those lavish production values. I’m so excited @Disney 😭🎉 pic.twitter.com/SpgTKyV2BM

— Nirat (@NiratAnop) June 13, 2018

Who’s ready to get traumatized all over again? #dumbo pic.twitter.com/c9Gp0rwrgb

— Gerardo Paniagua (@dpaniagua95) June 13, 2018

Alright guys. We have the remainder of the year to prepare. Start stocking up on tissues.

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