MUST SEE: Dr. Jim Garrow Explains How Three American Heroes Foiled a False Flag Nuclear EMP Attack On U.S.

Did three brave Americans stand up to Tyranny a several weeks ago telling Barack Hussein Obama to take a flying leap?  Well, according to several sources including this one, yes.  Dr. Garrow talks about a supposed thwarted attempt to ‘EMP’ the country he has been entrusted to protect.

It’s tough to wrap your head around this one, but given Barack Hussein Obama’s track record, we shouldn’t rule it out.  Nevertheless, it’s an amazing story, and one I encourage you to listen and make your own decision.

(via The Truth is Viral) — On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former CIA spy Dr. Jim Garrow explains how the actions of these men – a Army General, an Air Force General, and a Navy Admiral – who were in charge of safeguarding the nation’s nuclear stockpile, saved the lives of 300 million Americans from the devastating effects of a planned EMP attack on the United States: A “false flag” EMP attack perpetrated by the Obama administration using our own nuclear weapons.

As reported by Anthony Gucciardi and Infowars, a secret transfer of nuclear weapons from Dyess Air Force Base was ordered by the Obama administration; but according to Dr. Garrow this transfer broke every established protocol concerning the storage and movement of weapons in the nation’s nuclear stockpile and the officers in charge refused to carry them out.

According to seismographic records, on October 8th a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred off the coast of South Carolina, giving credence to Dr. Garrow’s claim that one of the weapons was actually detonated at sea to keep it out of the hands of traitors who would destroy the United States; the others, according to Dr. Garrow, are still missing.

[H/T The Truth Is Viral]

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  1. [...] MUST SEE: Dr. Jim Garrow Explains How 3 American Heroes Foil False Flage EMP Attack [...]

  2. [...] MUST SEE: Dr. Jim Garrow Explains How 3 American Heroes Foil False Flage EMP Attack [...]

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