By Andrea E.

Oath Keepers was requested by leaders of First Baptist Church to help with the tragedy. A small group of volunteer Oath Keepers are assessing the situation, assisting with security and beginning to formulate training plans to help church congregations protect themselves from this kind of attack in the future.

Some of our followers and members have asked what we are doing here and what we are guarding against. As expected, the media is out in full force. We are here to help ensure the victims’ families, congregation and the town are left to grieve in peace. We are here to help prevent a copy-cat incident. We are here to provide peace of mind that they are protected from any more acts of evil. Oath Keepers have also found themselves pressed into other duties including removing bullet riddled church pews, doors and a playground. We have been a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for this small tightly knit community.

Oath Keepers on our security detain in Sutherland, Texas

The First Baptist Church was cleaned up and painted as a memorial to twenty six members of the congregation. Each chair represents a church member and where they were sitting on Sunday, November 5th. The memorial was opened to families at 5 PM on Sunday, November 12th. The memorial is scheduled to be open all week.

Photo credit: Andrea E.

When Oath Keepers participate in a mission like this one, they do so as volunteers.

If you can donate to help with travel expenses, etc, that would be greatly appreciated.

We currently have Oath Keepers in Sutherland Springs, Texas from several states, including Arizona, Montana, and Florida.

Please donate HERE. Thank you very much!

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