Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi has promised the world that she will return as the Speaker of the House when this mythical Blue Wave arrives. Pelosi and the other top Democrats have this belief that they will take back the House and Senate, and then be able to crush their enemy, Donald Trump. This Blue wave that is suppose to be made of Democratic Politicians that Pelosi expects to be elected to Congress.

The Democrats are promising to take away the tax cuts and return to high unemployment, slowing down economic growth with more illegal aliens entering the country, their platform is nothing more than we hate Trump and they want to destroy our growing economy. In a word they are NUTS, everything that the Democrats are offering is the opposite of what the Trump Administration is doing, they are living in a strange alternate universe that is devoid of any common sense.

Why would the people of the United States vote for a political party that is determined to stall the economy and increase unemployment, Nancy Pelosi is going to see a wave, it will be a Republican red wave.

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