Newsbusters reports that “dating site and app OkCupid (OkC) advertised a ‘new profile badge’ to help users ‘filter for Planned Parenthood supporters’ for a month.”

When some guy searches for a compatible hook up, date, or wife, he’ll be alerted to which women support Planned Parenthood.

This is good to know. These PP supporters are admitting that given the choice if they get pregnant could choose to kill their unborn child.

That’s some good knowledge. If a woman is admitting that her unborn baby is a worthless piece of trash, then she’s most likely not worth dating.

Guys, it’s time to move on.

It’s not every day that someone reveals such things.

Supporting PP should certainly be a date killer for any sane man. Of course, men who are after sex and fly-by-night relationships are probably as superficial and self-centered as the PP advocates.

In fact, they may be attracted to such women. If a woman is OK with killing an unborn baby, what else might she be into?

“OkCupid’s partnership with Planned Parenthood is really exciting because it enables us to help people connect on the issues that matter to them. In this current climate, this matters more than ever when it comes to finding ‘your person,’” Melissa Hobley, the CMO of OkC, insisted. “We know that Planned Parenthood is driving conversations, support and education that millions care about. When we looked at the data, we saw that our community on OkCupid was talking about Planned Parenthood, so we decided to make it easy to find the folks who cared about the same thing.”

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