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YouTube Scolded For Shutting Down Firearms Parts Dealer’s Channel

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
Staff Member
Feb 22, 2018

Brownells is one of America's foremost firearms parts companies, and their YouTube channel is a great educational resource for firearms operation and safety. However, as part of their ongoing war against both the First and Second Amendments, YouTube
shut down the Brownells channel “without warning or notice” over the weekend.

Brownells sent a tweet on Saturday notifying their followers that YouTube had “terminated” their channel, and urged supporters to contact Google and YouTube in protest. (RELATED: Mike Rowe Gets ‘Restricted' by YouTube).

Brownells' YouTube channel has been terminated w/oout warning or notice.
If you're opposed to the attacks on our communitys 1st & 2nd Amendment rights, please contact GOOGLE : 650-253-0000 OPTION 5 FOR YOUTUBE, MESSAGE YT & GOOGLE:https://t.co/csetulvAckhttps://t.co/9oLz6TGWZx pic.twitter.com/T85z9Py2l0

— Brownells, Inc. (@BrownellsInc) June 9, 2018

It didn't take long for pro-gun Americans to rally behind Brownells. Google was inundated with calls and messages, and many people expressed their support for Brownells on social media.

I gotta say something else about this. Brownells is like the stodgiest, old-schoolest, non-tactical, non-“assault rifle”, old-hunting-guy brand in the gun world. When your platform has summarily executed Brownells, you've just gone too far.

— Jon Stokes (@jonst0kes) June 10, 2018

An outrage. I've viewed a lot of instructional videos from you.

— State Control (@State_Control) June 9, 2018

Hey @teamyoutube @youtube @brownellsinc help, instructional and and gun-repair videos save lives. Why on earth would you disable their channel? You hate guns, we get it. But why hate gun safety, too?

— Ross Allen (@rossallen3) June 9, 2018

Google is closed. Tried to call to voice my concern. In the meantime you might want to get on a public campaign throughout the weekend to Garner support for those who are unaware this happened .

— Preemo. (@KrsTianz) June 9, 2018

How to kill your YouTube platform, by YouTube.

— Salt (@PeterWendtWhere) June 11, 2018

@YouTube deleting one of the biggest firearms parts/accessories retailers in the world youtube channel is quite a “genius” move there. What's next? deleting the White Houses youtube channel? I would love to see how that goes for you.

— znushu (@znushu) June 10, 2018

Indeed, terminating Brownells' channel was a moronic, unbelievably biased move on YouTube's part. Denying people access to information about proper gun safety and maintenance is a surefire way to make guns even more dangerous and deadly.

Thankfully, there was enough public outcry from people with brains YouTube restored the Brownells channel on Monday.

#Brownells‘ YouTube account has been restored!

We CANNOT thank you ALL enough for your shares, reposts, retweets and positive comments!

We are beyond proud to have the finest group of customers and supporters anywhere.

Thank you again!
#guns #gun pic.twitter.com/joB9QZ5LvV

— Brownells, Inc. (@BrownellsInc) June 11, 2018

Perhaps anti-gun companies like YouTube should worry less about commonsense gun control and more about commonsense gun safety.

Share this if you support Brownells and all YouTube firearms channels!

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