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Yeti Coolers Cuts Ties With The NRA Without Explanation

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
Staff Member
Feb 22, 2018
NOOOOOOO. Not Yeti! I love Yeti! I have their cups in almost every size. UGH.

As it turns out, Yeti has no backbone. It just decided to cut ties with the NRA and didn't even give a specific reason.

The NRA made this announcement:

For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction events around the country.

These Foundation events raise money to support youth programs and educational programs nationwide. The youth of America who benefit from these programs are the future hunters, hikers, fishermen/women, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who will protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why. They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation. That certainly isn't sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed. They have declined to continue helping America's young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities. These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy
outdoor recreational and educational programs.

The NRA Foundation is 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

In this day and age, information is power. We thought you needed this information.


This has to be a politically-motivated decision, because it's the dumbest business move ever. A lot of NRA members are conservative-leaning outdoorsmen, and many of those conservative-leaning outdoorsmen are ALL about Yeti products. That's how I discovered Yeti in the first place– my dad and his conservative, outdoorsy, gun-owning friends.

I think I know a fair share of people who will be upset with this move by YETI and #boycottYetiCoolers https://t.co/g340L3cjlh

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) April 22, 2018

Yeti Coolers dropping its relationship with the @NRA is mind-boggling.

Everybody I know that owns a Yeti also owns a gun, and many of them are NRA members. This move doesn't make sense at all. pic.twitter.com/ARsZIHikA2

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) April 22, 2018

If true that YETI isn't doing business with NRA Foundation anymore, they are about to lose much of their sportsmen clientele. That's bad optics. What gives?!

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) April 22, 2018

YETI coolers is cutting ties with the NRA.

Talk about not knowing your customer base! It's suicide for @YETICoolers.

That's fine, let YETI try & get their money from the millennial communists who refuse to pay for jack & expect everything to be given to them.

— Tyler Zed (@TyEducatingLibs) April 22, 2018

Good to know. I have a lot of options for coolers this summer and @YETICoolers is no longer one of them. https://t.co/wS9hb3utGE

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) April 22, 2018

Way to be complete spineless CHUMPS, Yeti. I'm so disappointed.

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