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Member Submitted What a difference to the media a political parties president makes.

Aug 5, 2018
The actions of the Obama presidency and his administration were of no consequence then by the democrat controlled media, the progressive media just yawned and implied, nothing to see here, just move on, but now that Donald Trump Is president, his actions are of major importance, so important to the future safety of America, that Donald trump should be impeached over what he supposedly has done.

News Week Magazine , for instance, on the July 27th.issue has on their front cover a comic -strip characterization of president Donald Trump with the heading," THE big reveal, 'why did a submissive Trump side with Putin against the U.S." One has to wonder why this representative of the media didn't think it important enough to report on Democrat president Barack H. Obama's cozying up to known enemies of America when Barack Obama was president and they apparently just gave him a pass with no questions to be brought up before the public needing answers. Certainly sending money to America' enemies should have provoked the media's interest in exposing why an American president would enrich a known enemy of this country..." The U.S. Sent $400 Million to Iran..." Quote from "FORTUNE" web site.

The character and image of America, under the Presidency of Barack Obama wasn't held up by him as the president as being unique and worthy of emulation but instead was held in low esteem by is own words that he delivered to foreign governments. Barack H. Obama said in regards to how he felt about his country who had honored him by making him its president said this about America," President Barack Obama has declared that America has "failed to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world" and has "shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive" towards its allies. " And yet for all of the misdeeds of Barack Obama while he was president, the media nor any of the politicians in Washington called for Barack Obama's Impeachment as they are for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. One has to wonder if the media not only is anti Trump, but anti American as well.