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Viral Gun Rights Advocate: ‘We will no longer be ignored’

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
Staff Member
Feb 22, 2018

America was hashtag blessed this week by the coming of Mark Robinson. A gun rights advocate whose impassioned speech went viral. Seriously, the guy is BFF material. I'd like to treat him to some BBQ and a trip to the range. Meet his family. Maybe watch a ballgame together.

With all the rants from anti-gun airheads we've been seeing (see Matthew McConaughey Supports Gun Control at Austin #MarchForOurLives and #MarchForOurLives Speaker Admits True Gun Control Plans), it's refreshing to see someone talking common sense for a change.

Robinson still isn't letting up:

I do not intend to sit idly by while politicians make rules that take away my rights as law-abiding citizen. If I commit a crime, I expect my rights to be withheld. Until that time I expect my rights due to me under the Constitution and my government and city and state.

So, in summation, one-finger salutes to any who attempt to cleanse their butt-crack with the Bill of Rights.

Leftists think they can trample over American peeps' fundamental rights. All because they have a personal beef with constitutionally-protected inanimate objects. Well, so long as lovers of freedom like Mark Robinson are around, the left can throw every shrieking chinless imp they have at us. We won't give them that inch they claim to want.

With this latest assault on boomstick rights, freedom-lovers are perking up and saying the nay-no to further gun control measures. NRA membership is blowing up. Much like Amy Schumer's waistline after a binge at the Pizza Hut buffet. The left has woken a sleeping giant who doesn't take kindly to being deprived of his armaments. A move which the left will likely come to regret.

The left wants a war of words over the legality of gats. That's fine. But, you lefties should be careful what you ask for. Gun rights peeps are more than happy to return fire, and they've got stats and a constitutional amendment in their arsenal.

Speaking of the war on guns:


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