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UK police too busy tracking online “hate offences” to deal with actual crime. By Pamela Geller - on October 1, 2018


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Sep 2, 2018
Littlehampton, UK

British authorities continue to act against the freedom of speech. The British Home Office banned me from the country for telling the truth about Islam and jihad. Now they’re going to go after “hate crime online,” while their country is crawling with jihadists and the crime rate is skyrocketing. That means that anyone who raises any protest against jihad, sharia, and Islamization could now be arrested. The land that gave us the Magna Carta is dead.

“Police ‘Too Busy With Online Spats for Serious Crime,’” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, September 24, 2018:

UK Police are too busy responding to trivial social media spats to tackle serious crime, the new head of the Police Federation has said, after years of forces encouraging “hate crime” reports for offensive comments.​

Officers on the street still have a “desperation to do the job and very often they can’t because their hands are tied,” according to chairman John Apter who represents 120,000 rank-and-file officers.​

He argued that the focus on new types of crime, including cyber and “hate offences,” can come at the expense of traditional police work. Both need addressing, he said, but not one at the expense of the other.​

Mr Apter told The Sunday Telegraph: “Where we get drawn into local disagreements, the argument over the remote control, the dispute in the playground, the row on Facebook, it is frustrating.

“I think police time can be better spent and it makes a mockery when we are so stretched. You can’t treat society like that and you can’t treat the police as political footballs.

“We need to have a sensible debate with politicians, with society and with the public about exactly what they want their police to do.

“People join the police to keep people safe and to lock up bad people, not to sort out petty squabbles over a remote control.”

Police forces have been actively encouraging people to report “hate crimes” in recent years…..

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