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TRIGGERED! Portland Transit Investigating MAGA Sign On Train

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
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Feb 22, 2018

In the People's Republic Of Portland, anything that isn't pro-marxist is immediately condemned and protested by the rioting cry bullies of the tolerant, love-trumps-hate left who have nothing better to do with their lives. In the latest example, an operator of the MAX light rail transit train apparently put up a piece of paper reading “MAGA” in the in the window of one of the trains. As the community throws tantrums, Trimet, the pseudo public-private transportation agency that runs the MAX trains, launches an “investigation” into the matter.

The Oregonian reports:

TriMet is investigating whether an employee placed a hand-made Make America Great Sign in a MAX train cab's window Monday evening.

The transit agency confirmed it first received a complaint through Twitter.

The picture shows “MAGA” written on what appears to be a piece of carboard centered directly above a TriMet logo in the train's cab.

MAGA is President Trump's campaign slogan.

Roberta Altstadt, TriMet's communications manager, said the investigation is ongoing. “While TriMet values freedom of speech, our Human Resources policy directs employees that they cannot be involved in political activity while on the job,” she said in an email.

If an employee did place the sign, Altstadt said any discipline would be handled by the employee's managers.

KATU News adds a statement released by Trimet:

Full statement from TriMet:

“The sign has been removed and TriMet is conducting an internal investigation to determine who put it in the cab of the train.

While TriMet values freedom of speech, we do have a policy that employees cannot be involved in political activity while on the job.”

TriMet did not say whether or not the driver, or whoever put the sign in the window, would face disciplinary action. Riders say there should just be a policy reminder for their employees.

Local “resistance” activist and suspected woman beater Greg McKelvey tweeted this:

@trimet why do you have max operators with MAGA signs in their window? Is this an endorsement of the over policing of poor people and PoC on your transportation? pic.twitter.com/tk5q6K7LMB

— Gregory McKelvey (@GregoryMcKelvey) June 12, 2018

Others have taken to twitter to lodge complains, and @TrimetHelp has been responding to the snowflakes:

@trimet This is deeply disturbing, especially in light of the open support that MAGA followers have shown for using vehicles as weapons of to murder perceived opponents. https://t.co/s6Zmr0yLtr

— PCRLO (@PdxCivRtsLaw) June 12, 2018

An appropriate meme:

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