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The Pros and Cons of Combination Weapons


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Nov 20, 2018
From time immemorial, weapons have been mankind’s companion. At first, it was sharp rock that was used back in the days as weapon. Overtime, more powerful weapons for both hunting and combat were created.
Eventually, even more sophisticated weapons came into existence and some of them became symbol of power and affluence for those who possess them. This was more evident from the Middle Ages down to the Renaissance --- craft-men fashioned exquisite weapons that still retained their allure after so many centuries. You can learn more about combined weapons in the historical times right here.
So, by the 15th and 16th century, the ingenuity of these craft-men and weapon smiths heightened as they crafted more complex weapons with designs that combine characteristics of one or multiple weapons to create one weapon. The resulting combination weapons exhibited notable technical ingenuity and creativity.
So, What Exactly is Combination Weapon?
In the simplest form --- combination weapons refer to weapons that combine elements or characteristics of another weapon or implement. By this definition, a combination weapon would include firearms with bayonets, most pole-arms --- combination of spears, spikes, hammers, and blades, as well as gunner’s stilettos.
The focus for this article will be on the more widespread combo weapons --- they feature the combination of the main weapon alongside certain mechanism intended to provide the weapon with additional capabilities --- whether it is a slide, gun lock, or spring-loaded catch.
Categories of Combination Weapons
Combo weapons are basically grouped into three categories;
  • The edged weapons
  • Impact/Hafted weapons
  • The others that do not fall into the first and second categories
Narrowing down on edged weapons; these combined weapons have long been popular among higher class of the martial society. Little wonder why tons of exquisite designs of daggers and swords are used in fashioning combination weapons.
Today, what we call sword sticks or sword canes are the earliest combined weapons. While these weapons were seen in the 14th century in Europe, people can still purchase them presently from locales or online armory stores that have legislation permit to sell concealed weapons.
Edged Weapons Combined with Firearms
The edged weapons that combine firearms comprise of a larger and probably a more important category of combined weapons. Often, the weapon’s lock mechanism is located close to the hilt, then the barrel will fire to a side of the blade and would also fire beneath the blade. There are extreme cases where the lock is wisely and skillfully located right inside the hilt/grip, while the blade serves as the barrel and may be hollow.
You will also find other edged weapons that feature different implements such as clocks, and some come with concealed capabilities to the disadvantage of an opponent. A sword combined with concealed dagger for example would certainly put the wielder in an advantageous position.
The Pros and Cons of Combine Weapons Over Regular Weapons

  • Let’s take the trident dagger as an instance; originating from Italy, this parrying dagger’s blade has a spring mechanism which divides it into three different parts. The trident configuration of this combined weapon can help the possessor to trap an opponent’s blade with less effort.
  • They are symbol of class and influence in most cases and offer some military value as they did back in the days. Anyone seen in possession of certain combined weapons, especially among the martial arts society is accorded some respect.
  • Also, compared to regular weapons such as guns, they serve dual or more purposes. For instance, a knife-pistol can help a hunter to both hunt down and slaughter a game --- therefore eliminating the need to carry a knife along when going for hunting.
The Cons

  • In terms of cost: when you compare combined weapons with regular weapons such as shotguns --- the latter is more affordable. A 12 gauge pump for instance can be purchased at $150 or less. On the other hand, most combination weapons are pricier as they are mostly decorative weapons and a symbol of class to those who possess them. Almost everybody can afford a shotgun, but it is not so with a riding sword that combines wheel-lock pistol for example.

  • In terms of effectiveness, most popular weapons such as shotguns, rifles and archery weapons (e.g. the recurve and compound bows) are more effective than many combination weapons. Take for instance; at short distances, 12 gauge shotguns can take off the meat and bone of its target, but they won’t be as effective past 30 yards, without a different load.

  • On the other hand, combined weapons are not as effective. An example is the rapier with extended blade featuring a dagger; this weighs over 5 pounds --- as a result, the effectiveness of such weapon is quite doubtful whether a long or short distance is involved. The ineffectiveness of most dual wielding weapons is the reason they were never popular back in days, and even today.

  • Also, it appears that regular guns such as the shotguns can be more intimidating than a dual weapon such as the trident dagger or the riding sword with wheel-lock pistol. Most people are more likely to shiver at the mere sight of a rifle than when they see someone holding a saber sword with firearm
  • Since they are two-in one (and in some cases three-in-one) weapons, they definitely come with more weight than regular weapons such as the rifle or shotguns. As a result, it’s quite burdensome carrying them along as survival weapons or for other purposes. On the other hand, the regular weapons such as single sword, dagger, or shotgun can be easily concealed and taken along to just anywhere.
List of Combined Weapons
  • Hunting trousse with ornamented blade combined with a wheel-lock pistol
  • Dagger with wheel-lock pistol
  • Saber sword with firearm
  • Dagger with extending blade combined with concealed dagger
  • Trident dagger
  • Riding sword with wheel-lock pistol
  • Dagger with wheel-lock pistol
  • Sword with extendable blade
  • Sword cane with Wheel-lock
  • Sword cane with hammer head
  • Rappier and dagger featuring clock pommels --- really exquisite in design
  • Knife with pistol
Generally, combination weapons are more of collectible armories/weapons --- though they may also offer survival, hunting, defense and shooting benefits. It’s not bad idea to have them in your weapons’ collection.
Take this one --- it is helpful to explore helpful hunting and hunting weapons/gears reviews.

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