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The “Russia-Trump Collusion” is a Democrat Fabrication

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
Staff Member
Feb 22, 2018
The goal is to obfuscate Russia-Democrat Collusion and other treasons.

Obama lied, tricked and scammed us repeatedly:

Obamacare was a government takeover of 1/6 of our economy; disguised as “you can keep your doctor;” and “your premiums will be <$2,500 for four.” Architect of Obamacare, Professor Jonathan Gruber sneered Americans were too stupid to recognize they were lying to us.

The Iran “Deal” was never signed by Iran. America never could inspect anything. UN inspectors had to give one month's notice. Obama secretly authorized American banks to send the Ayatollah $458 Billion. Our sailors were flaunted half naked, arms behind their heads in surrender; to justify sending the Ayatollah $1.5 Billion in unmarked bills. Ben Rhodes, Obama's senior advisor, mocked journalists for being stupid enough to believe them.

The Rose Garden Ceremony pretended to honor deserter Bowe Bergdhal; to justify releasing 5 Gitmo terrorists.

Afghanistan was a farce. Outrageous “Rules of Engagement” shackled our troops; while Taliban supporters were embedded with them. Outrageous religious restrictions prevented our majority Christian Forces from praying together.

ISIS was a joke. Obama dropped leaflets on ISIS positions before bombing runs; ensuring ISIS wouldn't get killed. Then repeatedly armed and funded the “rebels,” aka Al Nusra, who then joined ISIS. (Trump and Mattis took only 6 months to defeat ISIS!)

“Arab Spring” was a slogan used to justify our Flag desecrated; 5 American embassies destroyed; Mubarak deposed; Gaddafi killed; and power transferred to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Benghazi's Consulate shipped weapons from Libya into Syria. When Al Qaeda terrorists overran it and murdered four of our heroes; Obama and Hillary watched live feed for 12 hours and never sent help. Then, they stood before the coffins and claimed “that offensive video” caused it!!

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and 40 Congressmen allowed Pakistani operatives, who had no security clearances, to roam through government computers. They stole millions; and copied vast troves of National Security Data, which they sent abroad. Now, Democrats are busy silencing Imran Awan with a plea deal.

Obama & Hillary allowed Russians to acquire 20% of our vital Uranium. Clinton Initiative got $145 Million; Bill got 1/2 million/20-minutes. Holder, Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Mueller were among the Heads of 17 CFIUS agencies approving this treasonous “deal.” “Supervised” by Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe, investigators never disclosed details.

Desperate to prevent us discovering what they've done; they're now feverishly promoting the “Russia Collusion” hoax against President Trump.

Rohini DeSilva, Esq.


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