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Random Images From Around The Internet.


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Mar 13, 2018
Because of the constant negative news.. Lately I've been spending my few hours searching around at various
locations on Google Street View around several states.

Yeah.. I know, it's evil Google. (bunch of spying creeps). What I look for is old store buildings and old houses spread out across our country.
The type of vintage buildings our ancestors used to build over 50-100+ years ago in cities and older towns.

Spotted this dude walking his dog, and thought it was a good unintentional shot by the camera car.
I Lol'ed at it wearing a handkerchief around it's neck.
Here's a close cartoon character drawing someone had posted, which I thought sort of had resemblance:

** Yeah, this is probably seen as a dumb topic. Just wanted to lighten the mood from the usual daily crap.

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