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People Are Freaking Out Over Justice Thomas’ Wife Ginny’s Anti-David Hogg, Pro Second-Amendment Facebook Posts

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
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Feb 22, 2018

Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas' wife, shared a few posts on her personal Facebook page that are raising some eyebrows.

My take?

They're not “PC” … but they're certainly not wrong, either.

According to the Daily Mail:

Virginia Thomas, who is better known as ‘Ginni,' shared a post that showed two images of shooting survivor David Hogg, the first of which included a caption that read: ‘Making us wear clear backpacks violates our First Amendment rights.'

The second was captioned: ‘The 2nd Amendment is old and outdated. We must embrace gun control.'

That was followed by an image of Sam Elliot's character in Big Lebowski with his famous catchphrase, which read: ‘You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you.'

As you know, David Hogg is untouchable, so surely the PC police are on their way to Ginni's house now. Cuff her, boys!

Here's the thing…

Usually, I'd say “leave kids out of it” …but that's not the case when it comes to David Hogg.

Why? Because not only has he chosen to insert himself into the dialogue, he's been WILDLY aggressive about it. If this punk is going to sit there and complain about how he's smarter and better than “adults” of previous generations who “don't know how to use Democracy,” and that all NRA members have blood on their hands, then game on.

We'll give him what he wants. We'll treat him as we would an “adult.”

Any conservative worth their two cents will realize the absurdity of complaining about clear backpacks as a violation of one's constitutional rights, while advocating the infringement of second amendment rights. So there you go! We won't sugar coat it, because according to David himself, he's not just a kid. He's a SERIOUS POLITICAL FORCE.

You don't get to be an adult when it suits you, and hide behind the “BUT I'M JUST A KID!” card when you need a way out.

Ginni, 61, wrote of Hogg, 17, and his classmates: ‘So, just wondering who got the permits and paid for the buses for this YOUTH march?'

The permits for the ‘YOUTH march' as Ginni refers to it were obtained in a request sent one week after the Parkland massacre by Deena Katz, a producer for the HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher.

And that's not the only post that has people worked up:

The second post shared by Ginni showed the shoes left behind by the young victims at Auschwitz and was first shared by the late Mike McKay, who was the technical director for Mornings On The Mall and The Chris Plante Show.

McKay had shared the post from Monica Bailey, who wrote: ‘To all the kids who walked out of school to protest guns. These are the shoes of Jews who gave up their guns to Hitler. They were led into gas chambers, murdered and buried in mass graves.'

She closed out by stating: ‘Pick up a history book and you'll realize what happens when u give up freedoms and why we have them.'

Ginni wrote when she shared the post that it was ‘amazing.'

Again… not PC. But is she wrong?

In another post that Ginni did not delete from her Facebook page she shared an image of marchers who were mocking celebs including George Clooney, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato for using guns in films and being protected by officers with guns.

AGAIN. How is this wrong?!

Were people expecting CLARENCE THOMAS' wife to be a super liberal gun-grabber?

She's not. Deal with it.

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