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Leftists FREAKING Over Brett Kavanaugh Accidentally Prove a Conservative Point

Conservative Angle

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Feb 22, 2018

It didn't matter who Trump picked to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. The issue for the left was that Trump got to fill it with someone who wasn't making daily libations to their god, abortion. Trump could've nominated a gender-fluid, non-binary black woman, sometimes man, who identified on Saturdays as Ricky Ricardo. Had that nominee believed life begins at conception, zer would've been out of the popularity pool faster than she could sing “Babaloo.”

But a more important point needs to be made. The left is flipping itself into a rejected pretzel over one position on one branch of government. Yes, yes, if Hillary had swept her way into la Casa Blanca, those of us on the right would be in a panic for the very same reason. Except conservatives have always lamented the power grabs of government. How government seems to be gobbling up even more power, wrestling it away from the American people, election cycle by election cycle. Eroding our personal liberties, while insisting everyone has the right to their own versions of reality. Unless your version of reality values the Constitution.

The left throwing itself down to slam its fists on the daycare floor is a tantamount admission they believe the same thing we do: the Supreme Court has too much power. If we zoom out and look at the bigger picture, the left's hissy fit over Brett Kavanaugh being nominated is an accidental admission government at large has too much power. With one caveat, of course: the left doesn't mind all the power so long as they're the ones wielding it. As Harry Ried can attest thanks to his now infamous “Nuclear option.”

It's World Cup time, so pardon my awkward segue into soccer. I bolded, underlined and italicized that word for a reason. Brace yourselves. And yes, “soccer.” It's what we call it in America. Deal with it. The Supreme Court has become a line of goalies, either letting a law through for a goal, or stopping it and sending it back down the field. Or “pitch” to you Europeans we saved from Hitler.

Except before the ball makes it to the goalie, or maybe that's “keeper” to people who roll their R's, it has to go through, or be stopped, by everyone else on the team.

Here's where my soccer analogy collapses in on itself like this transwoman athlete at a meet (watch it later). The United States government is not made up of skilled athletes who train to make their team proud. Instead, our government is full of self-important windbags who care less about team pride, of about making their audience happy, and more concerned with controlling the revenue for all of time. While pushing their own version of the game on everyone else. Imagine the residents of an old fart's home running around the soccer field, flapping papers, and kicking not one ball but hundreds. While the crowd booed them.

Now we're replacing one of the goalies. With the hope this one goalie can make up for generations of the government tinkling all over the rulebook. Ignoring the American audience. Flaunting the rules. Staying on the field far longer than many of them should have. Passing more balls than the rule book ever considered. Some of them not even balls.

I have to stop with this.

Now the goalie might actually change the team dynamic. Now the side who's been winning whatever game that's been played heretofore is upset over the rules they've helped to create. The problem isn't with one man. It's with how the left has been playing the game: creating too much power for government, only for the other side to take control.

Here's our common ground. If we don't want one governmental position to control so much of the political process, then let's admit that one position has too much power over the political process. If we don't want one side to have so much power, the problem isn't just “the one side.” It's the power.

Maybe it's time the left admitted the government has too much control over all our lives. Especially now they're losing some of it.

~Written by Courtney Kirchoff

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