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In Session: Americans On The Couch For A Mental Health Intervention Before It’s Too Late

Jul 30, 2020

Persons suffering from mental health disturbances often develop intricate coping skills to mask the severity of imbalances. These include projection, denial, avoidance, displacement, regression, repression, sublimation, rationalization, and reaction formation. A summary of definitions can be read here. Often delaying treatment to address their dysfunction leads to tragic circumstances.

Groups of people can also suffer from a collective unhealthy psychological perspective observed in abusive workplace culture or family dynamics. Societies can become so infested with negative group-think that the culture decays, resulting in horrific historical events. David Livingstone Smith wrote a book called “Less Than Human,” which delves into this phenomenon where on a large scale, cultures become so dysfunctional that they tolerate, enable, foster, and act by dehumanizing others within their society and commit atrocities against them.

My fellow Americans: You are presently living in a culture that is psychologically diseased, no matter if you are the one identifying with the aggressor or the one being persecuted. We all need an intervention – like yesterday!

See the details, CLICK HERE.

I leave all with the following somber foreshadowing. Each American has witnessed in the last six months acute civil unrest and disturbing violence. Over the past years, we have allowed the minority culture elites and media to degrade the Office of the Presidency, the occupant, his family, his party, and his supporters. All have been ridiculed, mocked, falsely accused of crimes, and physically threatened or injured. Just ask Rep. Steve Scalise or Senator Rand Paul. Our Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, or even you or I did not grow up in this America. I suspect the same could be said in France too.

This week a teacher in Paris was beheaded in broad daylight by an extremist shouting “Allah Akbar” and wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest. The police arrested a suspect, 18-year-old Aboulakh A – a Russian national of Chechen origin, who claimed the act was over free speech to share a Profit Mohammed Cartoon.

Those who believe such barbaric psychology of cruelty could never manifest in our country are destined to ignore the clear and present danger signs and are destined to repeat history.

RWR original article syndication source.