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CNN’s Not A Huge Fan Of Catholics… And They Really Don’t Care Who Knows

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
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Feb 22, 2018

My boyfriend and I were both raised Catholic. My family is Mexican and his is Irish, so go figure.

CNN's not a big fan. They're not really trying to hide it:

Why do Catholics hold a strong majority on the Supreme Court? | Analysis by CNN's Z. Byron Wolf https://t.co/YgWMr4IgEz pic.twitter.com/CkuPQ8e585

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 10, 2018


Seeing as the Left ONLY cares about abortion and illegal immigrants… it's not really a shock that their values may not “gel” with Catholics.

Judicial nominees these days are loath to answer how they'd vote on cases or how they feel generally about issues, especially abortion, which is growing into a key issue of Kavanaugh's nomination since he'll be replacing Kennedy, who was long viewed as a key swing vote protecting the Roe v. Wade legal precedent.

The public at large (57%) supported legal abortion in a 2017 Pew survey, saying it should be legal in all or most cases. Catholics were less supportive, but still a majority (53%) said at the time it should be legal.


You know who else doesn't “gel” with liberal ideals? Muslims. They literally hang gay people and stone women who step out of line…

But you don't see CNN pointing that out, do you? In fact, CNN seems to think saying anything negative whatsoever about Muslims is BIGOTRY.

But Catholics won't seek revenge. We're easy targets. We're also not a trendy victim class. So there's that.

Really? Catholics? You're going to go there? That's the “news” story you went with today? Catholics? and you wonder why half of the country can't stand you?

— Ѡąƨƙɛƪωɛɛ
and 7 others (@WaskelweeWabbit) July 10, 2018

Why are you so open about your bigotry? Not even trying to hide your BS it appears.

— John Fletcher (@fletch563) July 10, 2018

If I would have to take a guess, I'd say @CNNPolitics would have no objections whatsoever if Muslims would gold a strong majority on the Supreme Court

— RexValllachorum (@RexValllachorum) July 10, 2018

Hmm. Makes you wonder. Would they?


— Julie (@Jwalesky) July 10, 2018

So WHY are there so many Catholic judges?

I have a guess.

Because Catholic schools and colleges are REALLY freaking good. How 'bout dat?


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