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Bette Middler Is Now In The Business Of Peddling Hamas Propaganda

Conservative Angle

Conservative Angle Administrator
Staff Member
Feb 22, 2018

Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has been using today's embassy opening in Jerusalem as an excuse to keep rioting.

As if they needed an excuse.

Israel has defended their citizens from these attacks… and deaths have resulted.

The left, however, is feeding RIGHT in to Hamas' terroristic propaganda.

In fact, they're helping spread it.

Fifty-two people die in protest over moving American Embassy to Jerusalem. Thanks, asshole! Your uninformed and demented actions have consequences! Don't you get it? Those people had families too!

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) May 14, 2018

This is shameful.

Terrorists who died were not protesting move of US Embassy to Jerusalem. They were trying to infiltrate Israel as part of Hamas' ongoing aim to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Your ignorance does you no favours – hatred of Trump is no excuse.

— Elise (@elisemargow) May 14, 2018

Sorry @BetteMidler This had little do with the Embassy move. This has to do with the very right of Israel to exist. These were violent protesters trying to break the border between Gaza and Israel. Israel has 100% right to protect its borders and citizens.

— Arnold Spier (@Arnie_Spier) May 14, 2018

Did Trump tell the Palestinians to cross the border or did Hamas do that? Are you saying those people are unable to control their own actions?

— DC Dude (@DCDude1776) May 14, 2018

No one told them to rush a Sovereign border….oh wait Hamas did.

They live in a Martyr culture, results are predictable.

— Judson McCulloch (@JudsonMcCulloch) May 14, 2018

“Those people had families too”.
Then they're not very good providers and they're crazy stupid as they willingly took part in riots throwing rocks, lighting things on fire, and *fully* aware of the consequences. https://t.co/3ec0fF7Kuu

— lauren (@LilMissRightie) May 14, 2018

A protest in which Hamas operatives used women, children, and the mentally challenged as human shields while they burned tires to create smoke to hide their bombs, guns, and Molotov's. When you try to forcefully invade a country with murderous intent there are consequences. https://t.co/tp76F1q3Ey

— Heather (@hboulware) May 14, 2018

You want peace in the Middle East? Hold Hamas accountable for their actions. Demand they cease their terrorist activities. Stop apologizing and hiding your head in the sand while they send women and children to die for them. https://t.co/tp76F1q3Ey

— Heather (@hboulware) May 14, 2018

But…but…but… TRUMP!

Absolutely disgusting, Bette.

I'd say she should know better than to literally peddle propaganda for a terrorist group… but Bette Middler has never demonstrated she has the capacity to “know better.”

The post <a href=https://www.chicksonright.com/2018/05/14/bette-middler-is-now-in-the-business-of-peddling-hamas-propaganda/ target=_blank >Bette Middler Is Now In The Business Of Peddling Hamas Propaganda</a> appeared first on Conservative Angle | Conservative Angle - Conservative News Clearing House

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