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AMAZING: President Trump and Supporters Energized After Marathon Fayetteville Rally (Video)

Conservative Angle

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Feb 22, 2018

President Trump spoke for about an hour and forty-six minutes at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina Saturday night. At the end of the rally, Trump and the crowd were energized: dancing and clapping, smiling and waving to each other for several minutes as YMCA by the Village People played. This was the third rally night in a row for Trump, following rallies in Minnesota on Friday and Wisconsin on Thursday.

President Trump smiles at end of Fayetteville rally.

It appears the Rolling Stones did Trump a favor by threatening to sue if he didn’t stop playing their songs at his rallies. Now, instead of the traditional closer of the slow-beginning You Can’t Get What You Want, the Village People’s YMCA elevates the mood and gets people dancing in their seats while Trump busts a few moves on stage.

As Rush Limbaugh has noted, Trump’s performance at recent rallies has been among his best. Saturday night in Fayetteville he was still in the zone even to the end, as was the crowd of supporters.

A few screen images and then the video:

Trump ends his speech with his “We will make America great again” statement.

Trump dances on stage a bit:

Waving goodbye to the folks in the back:

Trump acknowledges a supporter pointing out his t-shirt:

Grandfather Trump catches eye of baby held above crowd:

One more wave goodbye:

Trump and supporters share a final wave goodbye as he boards Air Force One:

Close up:

After speech running 1hr 46mins, Pres Trump waves to supporters as he boards Air Force One for flight back to DC. He used tonight’s speech to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court will be a woman, though he hasn’t made a choice yet. He liked crowd chanting: “fill the seat.” pic.twitter.com/fh33GnCTOV

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) September 20, 2020
Video clip of Trump and crowd rocking to YMCA at the end of the rally. The energy by both Trump and the crowd after the marathon rally is amazing.

Video cued to closing remarks and complete farewell including boarding Air Force One. Apparently music rights issues are causing broadcasters to drop the Trump playlist from streaming rebroadcasts:

President Trump is taking Sunday off from the road. On Monday he has two rallies scheduled in Ohio (Dayton and Toledo) and on Tuesday he will hold a rally in Pittsburgh.

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