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Al Gore wants More Money

Conservative Angle

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Feb 22, 2018

KATOWICE, Poland — In freezing temperatures and blizzard snow, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore spoke at the “United Nations COP24 Climate Change” summit to preach further confirming “The Gore Gathering Curse” of snowstorms “Where they have never gone before!”

“Dark Al,” as he richly deserves to be called, raved on about a looming “Dark Age” and “Hell On Earth” if we refuse to accept his solutions to “man-made global warming. It is real!” Gore pled to all.

Albert Gore Jr. pled for more restrictions on liberty and energy, more globalism, more population-control measures, and a lower standard of living everywhere. Brushing aside President Trump, who has called the man-made warming hypothesis a “hoax,” Gore said he remained “optimistic” skeptics of his beliefs would be defeated. “But where?”

Al Gore called the decision to create a UN climate regime “the single most important moral choice in the entire history of humanity,” Gore sounded like a doomsday preacher on TV. “Will civilization descend into another dark age?” he asked, in full voice. “Will we descend into a condition that future generations will describe as Hell on Earth?” It was ten years ago that Gore claimed supposed scientists said the Arctic ice cap would melt completely, but it did not and actual scientists say the ice is “…increasing faster than average!”

Albert Gore, Jr. has a consistent record of causing snow to fall wherever he speaks all the way to Acapulco, Mexico, where it had never snowed before. As a result the Mexican government was asked never to return. At Katowice, he spun a long list of “statistics” without one source or author. The gullible gasped on cue.

Gore claimed a number of coastal cities would soon be underwater. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's sea-level rise expert, Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, resigned his post when the outfit refused to correct its false claims about alleged dangerous sea-level rises saying, “All talk about a disastrous sea level rise by 2100 is nothing but scaremongering and deliberate harassment of the public by the IPCC (2013, 2018) and its media proponents.”

Gore made many similarly dishonest claims, including: Blame global warming for civil war in Syria and “air pollution” for making Polish children stupid. He claimed global warming would make allergies worse. “98% of European cities would experience worse droughts by 2050,” and “Half of all the animals in all the world have gone since the 1970s!” he raved. “Is that OK?” Gore showed images of ice melting in Greenland in the spring as if there were something unusual about it. He also played a clip of a nuclear bomb exploding totally out-of-context. And, blamed the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico on man-made warming and it was “environmental racism.”

Gore suggested surrendering more money and power to the UN and governments under the guise of regulating CO2 would make the climate stop changing so everyone could live in peace and prosperity.

“When you look at this image, it brings into focus what it really at stake in all of these negotiations,” he pleaded, showing an image of the Earth from space while urging people to “change,” raving at the top of his voice, “The choice we as a world community have to make is the single most important moral choice in the entire history of humanity!”

If humanity does not comply with his demands, Gore warned of refugee waves that are infecting America and Europe with crime, drugs and economic ruin, a “dumb mistake” by voters in the United Kingdom who voted to secede from the European Union. He slammed the Trump administration and other governments refuse to accept the ridiculed UN IPCC report hyping the threat from man-made global warming.

Gore wants strict population-control government. Gore praised population-control by the government of India, widely condemned as abusive and coercive. With a graph of China's population, he praised the mass-murdering dictatorship in Communist China.

Gore said Africans were still having far too many babies saying contraception be “ubiquitously available” to reduce the number of children.

Gore threatened all manner of evils would befall humanity. He terrorized the audience with claims they would be overrun by Africans and Muslims from Third World countries unless CO2 emissions were brought under UN control.

He claimed the world is in “the early stages of a sustainability revolution:” Big Data, the “Internet of Things” and Artificial Intelligence, also the tools of totalitarian governments used to engage in mass surveillance against populations would be crucial to this revolution. “This movement is unstoppable,” Gore claimed. “But it's not happening fast enough to stop the climate crisis on time. The Paris Agreement gives me so much hope,” Gore declared without admitting it is optional and the largest polluters, China and India, are not involved! It is clearly anti-America! We pay for it and watch our industrial base destroyed!

Gore then documented his ignorance or insanity saying, “Yes, President Trump announced that he wants to withdraw, but under U.S. law and international law, we can't withdraw until after the next election.” This is insane. The Paris Accord was not ratified by the Senate. It was purely an invention of the Obama Administration and unbinding.

On many points, this was a dishonest or ignorant speech, but examining Al Gore's academic history tells the story. He went to Harvard in spite of his high school grades because his father was a US Senator. He took one survey course in Physical Science but got an “F” in it ironically by Roger Revelle, the man who is more responsible for the “global warming” myth than anyone. He was so profoundly affected he went to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee registering in the school of Divinity to become an evangelist preacher. Apparently, he is living his dream in promoting something for which there is no proof, but a lot of money.

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Sep 2, 2018
Littlehampton, UK
When Al Bore and the rest of the wealthy Liberals put their money where their mouths are and drastically cut their own Carbon Footprints, then I will take them seriously.

His Carbon footprint is over 20 times the average American households! That's around 400 tonnes of CO2 per year.

However, I'm inclined to agree with Margaret Thatcher and the Precautionary Principle, so I think planting trees is a good idea. As this is an American site, Trees for the Future is probably the best site to use,


Or if you are trying to boycott the Leftist Silicon Valley, e.g. Google, you could use the Search Engine Ecosia instead.