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  1. JPConservative

    Kavanaugh has been cleared! Fox & Friends 10/4/18

    Our reaction:
  2. JPConservative

    Left Goes Literally Crazy for Kavanaugh. Video by Bill Whittle

    Does the Kavanaugh confirmation circus go beyond politics or ideology into diagnosable mental illness among some on the Left? Have the judge and the accuser become icons of the nation's abiding divide? Bill Whittle poses the questions to Scott Ott and Stephen Green on this Right Angle.
  3. JPConservative

    Gender Confused Australian Wants You To Believe Liars... I mean Women

    Riley J Dennis wants to pretend false accusations don't happen. They Do. All we want is proof. Is that too much to ask? The listen and believe and believe survivors mentality is dangerous. so while Riley J Dennis wants you to believe women, I say we believe proof.
  4. JPConservative

    Dr Ford's Fatal Fixation