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progressive socialists

  1. JVelisek

    Progressive Socialist Lies About the Wall

    It took a couple of weeks, but after all the temper tantrums of the leftist politicians, the babbling bobbleheads on the fake news media, and ignorant celebrities virtue signaling to their friends, President Trump took his agenda directly to the American people. When President Trump decided the...
  2. JVelisek

    Democrats and Illegal Immigrants Work to Destroy our Country

    The progressive leftist wing of the Democrat Party has spent the time since President Trump's inauguration embracing the like of the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement. Working in concert with such elements as George Soros, a man whose only goal is the destroy the United States and...
  3. JVelisek

    More Immigration Lies

    It is clear through the actions and words of the progressive socialists in our government and low IQ celebrities that they are doing the best they can to destroy the culture of our country completely, and to impose further what they feel is a globalist agenda on the citizens of this country. The...
  4. JVelisek

    The Deep State Swamp Will Be Held Accountable.

    It is now a foregone conclusion that the liberals of the late 50’s have turned their back on America and have become progressive socialists. They have every intention of pushing the fascist tendencies that they have turned to in order to turn our country into a police state that is the...
  5. JVelisek

    The Blue Wave is Crashing in 2018

    The political landscape of our country has faced an incremental change for the past fifty years. The Democrat Party has become the Progressive Socialist Party that seeks an agenda of tearing down the norms and values that have made this country great. The traditions and cultural values have...
  6. JVelisek

    » The Progressive Socialist State of California Part 3

    In parts one and two (links following) I described how the state of California has suffered under the tyrannical rule of one-party rule. Progressive socialists have commandeered the state government, and ruled by fiat from a Marxist Governor and legislature. I want to discuss now the nuts and...
  7. JVelisek

    The Progressive Socialist State of California

    Progressive socialists have taken a once glorious state, full of opportunity, new ideas, and weather that most in this nation would fight for.I arrived in California during my Navy career and stayed because I thought the shiny sparkling California I saw at the time would remain the beacon for...
  8. JVelisek

    Progressive socialists and Gun Lies Part 3

    The Second Amendment, giving citizens who qualify the right to bear arms was passed in Congress on September 25, 1789 and was ratified by the States on December 15, 1791. The 2nd Amendment is a right given to the American people by God and not by progressive/socialists who look to usurp that...