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  1. JVelisek

    Our Future Leaders and Morality

    Is there morality in government? It is expected that our politicians be moral and of good character and integrity. But given the power unlawfully and unconstitutionally usurped by our elected officials, can it be said that any member of Congress fits within a recognized set of moral parameters...
  2. TNN

    This is who we were and can be again!

    "We missed the turn we should have taken." https://themccarthychronicles.wordpress.com/2018/11/18/this-is-who-we-were-and-can-be-again/
  3. JVelisek

    Only Christians Can End the Persecution

    Once again, the progressive socialists that control the legislature of the State of California look to undermine the rights of a section of the population within the state that will not agree with the agenda. California under the guise of protecting a minority class of people seeks to undermine...