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illegal immigration

  1. TNN

    Killing Free Speech (New Full Movie)

    Killing Free Speech(New Full Movie)
  2. JVelisek

    Progressive Socialist Lies About the Wall

    It took a couple of weeks, but after all the temper tantrums of the leftist politicians, the babbling bobbleheads on the fake news media, and ignorant celebrities virtue signaling to their friends, President Trump took his agenda directly to the American people. When President Trump decided the...
  3. TNN

    Thank God for Russia?

  4. JVelisek

    More Immigration Lies

    It is clear through the actions and words of the progressive socialists in our government and low IQ celebrities that they are doing the best they can to destroy the culture of our country completely, and to impose further what they feel is a globalist agenda on the citizens of this country. The...
  5. JVelisek

    The Lies of Immigration Part 2

    Part 1 is at bottom Immigration is once again a hot-button issue for the Progressive socialist left. Once again the corporate fat cats and leftists have gotten into an uproar over the same policies that their Muslim in Chief Obama made a part of the politics of bringing down America. In the...