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  1. TNN

    Where Are Their Principles?

    Blue Collar Logic
  2. TNN

    YouTube has TDS

    "I killed a video on YouTube. " https://themccarthychronicles.wordpress.com/2018/11/28/youtube-has-tds/
  3. TNN

    Republicans did win with Blacks and Democrats know it

  4. TNN

    How the Left Destroys the 3rd World

    "And no America and Europe don’t need more cheap labor. " https://themccarthychronicles.wordpress.com/2018/10/31/how-the-left-destroys-the-3rd-world/
  5. JPConservative

    Democrats Seek to Import 5X the Number of Foreign Refugees to the U.S. #midterms

    Party of treason. Europe is dying and the Dems are working on killing America by the same murderous policy. DEMOCRATS SEEK TO IMPORT 5X THE NUMBER OF FOREIGN REFUGEES TO THE U.S. HOUSE DEMOCRATS’ LATEST PLAN AHEAD OF THE 2018 MIDTERM ELECTIONS IS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER...