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  1. JVelisek

    The Republicans Cave to Donor Immigration Wishes

    The tax cuts and wage hikes have come to the American people as a godsend. More money in a working man's pocket is always a positive event. But there is a movement afoot being pushed by the GOP establishment and the corporate donors that support them to align with the progressive socialists on a...
  2. JVelisek

    The Deep State Swamp Will Be Held Accountable.

    It is now a foregone conclusion that the liberals of the late 50’s have turned their back on America and have become progressive socialists. They have every intention of pushing the fascist tendencies that they have turned to in order to turn our country into a police state that is the...
  3. JVelisek

    DACA and the Dream Act Part 2

    There are many different sides that need to be looked at in relation to the DACA, and questions that must be answered. One question that has not been answered is why are the beneficiaries of DACA called “Dreamers” by the media and the progressive/socialists pushing it forward? Could it be that...
  4. JVelisek

    DACA and the Dream Act Part 1

    There is much discussion that needs to be had over DACA. According to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, their discussion with President Trump is a done deal and they will get everything they wanted. Conservatives are up in arms about what the progressive/socialists Democrats claim was an...