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  1. theratzpack

    Cindy McCain Claims Her Late Husband Wouldn’t Approve Of Republicans Defending Trump

    with no disrespect to her or her late husband,the deceased,who cares what she thinks? nobody asked her.She's entitled to her opinion and we're entitled to ignore it.
  2. theratzpack

    McCarthy Slams Schiff’s Impeachment Inquiry, Calling it a ‘Calculated Coup’

    Lindsey Graham better stick to his word. NO "WHISTLEBLOWER"(operative/spy), NO TRIAL. #EricCiaramella
  3. theratzpack

    Photos from this weekend show 100,000 fans cheering Trump while Dems spoke in empty auditoriums

    good news for a change. But let's not get complacent. We have a whole year to go yet. We have to have that same level of enthusiasm in Nov 2020.
  4. theratzpack

    “It Must Suck to be That DUMB!” – Senator Kennedy GOES OFF on Speaker Pelosi at Trump Louisiana Rally (VIDEO)

    that was great. played it over a few times just to have a good laugh. i don't care how many times you play it,it's still funny Post Script;the forum was a fantastic idea. nice set up here. Impressed.