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  1. JPConservative

    Patreon does not believe in free speech or in a free market!

    Link to transcript https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U0mQjUA0T5INc_GDkwPJ2mfhO7tbaIogisSqqxHw0hc/preview?sle=true
  2. JPConservative

    President Trump Pulls Out [Of Syria!] His Secret Deal Explained

    In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on President Donald Trump and his recent announcement of a rapid pull out. What is behind this deal? Everything is explained here!
  3. JPConservative

    President Trump’s Wall Will Produce Stability, Security, and Survival!

    Don Boys might be scientifically illiterate, but he is spot on about the wall and the hypocrisy of some of its antagonists.
  4. JPConservative

    Conservatives are Pussys

    Pfft, whoever uses pussycats as a synonym for weak has clearly never seen a cat in action. There are three types of Republican. 1) President Trump 2) Real Republicans 3) RINOS
  5. JPConservative

    Answering Dr. Don Boys PhD Claims

    PAT ROBERTSON REFUTES DR DON BOYS! N.B. Unfortunately, I could not find a better copy of this video. I do not support or endorse Right Wing Watch.
  6. JPConservative

    Cher Calls Out Google and Facebook – Pledges to Dump Their Services

    That reminds me, I must get rid of Google as much as possible. I'm always using search engines to look things up, here is a good alternative to Google: https://www.ecosia.org/
  7. JPConservative

    Continetti on Syria Withdrawal: American Power ‘Often the Lid on That Pressure Cooker Around the World’

    I support President Trump's decision. I would go further. Withdraw all American troops and bases from the Middle East except Turkey, and station troops in Israel along with bringing Israel into NATO. America spends an estimated $150 billion per year on bases in the Middle East, maybe...
  8. JPConservative

    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    Now at $8,029,023
  9. JPConservative

    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    No, I mean you have a platform to promote the GoFundMe campaign if you feel that it is a good idea. I merely drew it to everyone's attention here as I doubt the MSM would mention it. I am confident that many of your subscribers and contributors would want to support this fundraising campaign...
  10. JPConservative

    Answering Dr. Don Boys PhD Claims

    Fellow Conservatives who are Christians, Whilst I do not share your faith, I can respect the remarkable contribution that Christianity has brought to the World. To deny that is foolish. There are many great scientists, philosophers, statesmen, and reformers who were Christian. They drew from...
  11. JPConservative

    Answering Dr. Don Boys PhD Claims

    Thank you for posting his reply. 1) The Big Bang Explosion? I clearly showed it wasn't an explosion, he knows that. He is lying. 2) I haven't done research? I was a Young Earth Creationist, and I watched and read far more material than I posted. Oh, and I've read...
  12. JPConservative

    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    Now $7,393,901 Well, you have a platform to use to get behind it?
  13. JPConservative

    Patreon Double Down

    Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle
  14. JPConservative

    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    Now at $6,035,677
  15. JPConservative

    We The People Will Fund The Wall

  16. JPConservative

    Al Gore wants More Money

    When Al Bore and the rest of the wealthy Liberals put their money where their mouths are and drastically cut their own Carbon Footprints, then I will take them seriously. His Carbon footprint is over 20 times the average American households! That's around 400 tonnes of CO2 per year...
  17. JPConservative

    John Cornyn Confirms Trump Will Sign Spending Deal Without Wall

    Or the people could fund it :cool: https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall